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Great Christmas Gifts!

Earning all this free money is great for Christmas.  This is a great time of the year to start using CashCrate because you can be earning extra money to help this holiday season.  Of course free money always helps either way.  But the money you earn you can put towards an Apple iPod touch or the kid's (or husband's) new  PlayStation 3. Of course anyone would be happy to receive these items as Christmas gifts.  And what way to better finance all this extra holiday season spending with free money?  Well, I can't think of one at least.  If you aren't cashing in on the companies that are willing to pay people to take free surveys, then you're missing out.  If earning free Christmas money sounds like something you want to be doing, then Sign Up!

Pay for your New Car by doing Surveys

Is a new car something you would like to be driving but can't afford? Well what if I told you that you could be completing surveys online in the comfort of your own home to pay for that new car. You would probably tell me that I'm crazy and it will never happen. I guess the new car sitting in my drive way isn't enough proof.

Completing free surveys and offers online could be earning you an extra $500 a month! Having an extra $500 a month will allow you to pay the monthly payment on a Buick LaCrosse, Chrysler Sebring, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Charger, Jeep Liberty, or a Toyota Prius; and that is only to name a few of the beautiful new 2009 vehicles that you could be driving with your extra $500 a month. Typically, $500 a month will buy you any car that is up to the value of $25,000. But, if you are lucky and happen to catch a promotion of 0% on financing, that buys you an extra $5,000 and allows you to purchase a car of up to $30,000! That means you could be driving that brand new car that you've always wanted.

All this will be made possible by dedicating a little time each day to earning some extra money. The way you could be earning this extra cash would be from participating in free surveys and offers. Anyone over the age of 13 can be doing this, regardless of where you reside in the United States as well as the world! And even if you already have a new car or are satisfied with your current mode of transportation, an extra $500 a month could help anyone out! So what are you waiting for, check it out and start earning your extra money today! Sign Up

Free Money to Pay Bills

Times are hard and the Bills keep billing up and getting higher every month.  The income we make at our jobs is just not enough to make ends meet.  A great way to get Extra Money to help Pay Your Bills is by doing Free Surveys online.  Advertisers and Companies are willing to Pay You for your opinions and thoughts.  Who wouldn't want to Get Paid for their own opinion and thoughts?

This is can be done anytime: Nights, Weekends, or even a great Part Time Job.  You can make up to $500.00 or more a month.  This money can go towards Utility Bills, Mortgage Payments, or even for Spending Money. You can start right now and start making the Extra Money you need. Sign Up

Make Money on Ebay

Ebay users traded $52 billion worth of merchandise last year. Why is starting an eBay business so appealing? Because it’s Easy, Fun, and can be done from the comfort of Your Own Home.  While some users are content to make a few bucks cleaning out their closets, nearly one million people depend on the auction web site for all or part of their income.

You do not need to be an internet marketing/sales guru to sell on ebay.  Many folks sell their used and unwanted items on ebay and Make Decent Money.  Ebay has a lot of potential to make a good and stable income.  The key is to learn how ebay works, sales patterns, and what merchandise to sell.

Once you learn how ebay works and the patterns of it, it is Easy Money.  You learn the ins and outs of the ebay business so that you know what items to sell, when to sell them, how to sell them, and what to expect for them.  Once you got that all down, you will be Earning Money Easy.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

For those who do not know what Affiliate Marketing is, here is a simple explanation: Affiliate Marketing is selling other people's stuff.  Basically you Get Paid Commissions for selling someone else's product. It does not matter what the product is; it could be physical goods, a digital product, a membership sign up, or a subscription.

For example: The Gap sells clothing and has an affiliate program. The Gap says if you have a website you can place their product ads, which they supply, on your website. When a visitor on your website clicks on the ads and purchases a product from the Gap, you will Get Paid a Commission.  Becoming an affiliate with companies, merchants, or affiliate sites is Free and does not require much work. Most just want to see that you have a decent website which is active.

I currently use the following Affiliate networks, and  Both are Free to Join and I have been Paid by them many times.  There are many details and ways to promote the products once you sign up with an affiliate network.  For someone new to affiliate marketing, the promoting part of it can be very difficult at first.  It took me a while to get the hang of it.  I used an affiliate training program which helped me a lot.  I took lessons from a great site called  They taught me everything I needed to know.  Within a month of using the site I started Making Money; it was a big help. The site has lots of information along with video tutorials, step by step instructions on setting up websites and how to promote.  Head on over to for lessons to start Making Money with affiliate marketing.

How to Make Money with Google

We have all heard of the success of Google.  The company is growing rapidly and is making billions of dollars. Google has opened many doors to Making Money Online, not only for professional online marketers but for almost anyone who has access to the internet.

Google earns most of its revenue from advertisers.  They have programs such as Adwords and Adsense, which generate lots of Income for publishers, advertisers, and affiliates. What Google has done is, they have decided to share that money with anyone who is able to use their programs, you can sign up with Google's programs for Free and start Making Money.

You can Earn Money Easy by creating and managing websites that can be used for these programs that Google Offers.  Simply just by having a website, some decent content that will attract viewers, and Google's programs, you could be Earning Money Easy!  As someone who is looking to Earn Extra Money, this is something I'd definitely look into doing.

How to Make Money in a Recession

Here we are in a Recession.  Things are tough and we could all use some Extra Money.  With many losing their jobs, work hours and pay cut backs, no more incentives at jobs, we have to find alternatives to Raising Money.

A great way to Raise Money is by doing Free Surveys and Offers online.  Advertisers and Companies are willing to Pay You for your opinion and thoughts.  Wouldn't you like to Get Paid now?   This job can be done at anytime and its very easy.  Its a great way to Make Money in a Recession.   Sign Up

How to Find a Job During a Recession

How to Save $500 a Month

In today's tight economy we can all use some extra cash and this post will tell you how to save $500 monthly. But instead of rushing out to get that third or second job, there are easier ways to get the extra money by cutting back on your spending and expenses. You can trim the fat from your budget without trimming the fun, so you don't feel deprived. Easily negotiate a reduction in your monthly bill payments. Learn to haggle and monopolize on the competition between companies who want your business.

Credit Card Rates
- You can start with Credit Card Rates, if your rates are high you can contact the credit card companies and negotiate with them. Call the customer service Department and let them know you are thinking about transferring your balance to another company, of course they will want to keep your business and you will now be able to negotiate for a lower rate. This method will work better if you have a good credit score, 750 or higher and if you've never really been late on your payments.

Cell Phone Bill - Everyone has an expensive cell phone bill. Call the cell phone carrier and tell them you are thinking about switching to another carrier, doing this is usually able to get you 10-20% off what your monthly bill is.

Cable Bill - There is much competition between the Cable, Satellite, and Phone companies for your subscription for premium TV channels and service. You can take advantage of this, as the companies know you have options and can leave them at anytime. Contact your Cable provider and ask them for their latest customer promotion, if they won't give that you tell them your probably going to go with your telephone provider for the Cable service. This can help reduce your cable bill.

Grocery Shopping - Groceries are not cheap and the bill can be very high. This is more of a psychological thing, two thirds of our spending in the Grocery Store are impulse buys. So don't go shopping much at the Grocery Store, go once a week, bring a list and you're least likely to spend a lot. Studies show that having a list helps you from buying things you don't need which will help your budget.

Seasonal Shopping - Buying things at the right time can help you save money. There is an off season for everything that you buy, like buying your swim suit at the end of the summer, you will obviously get it cheaper than buying it before or during the summer. If you buy your winter coat in March it will be cheaper. Buying your Tires in the middle of the driving season in July will be cheaper. Kitchen Ware can be bought in the Spring or November, those are the times that stores are trying to clear out inventory ahead of the wedding shopping season and the holiday shopping season, so they are going to be more likely to offer discounts.
Buy your linens in January, you can save up to 40%. After the holidays the stores are trying to get you back in to shop, so they will offer big discounts.

College - College can be expensive, with tuition and books. If your kids are already off to the campus, you can rent college books instead of buying them new. There are a few websites that offer this service, like You can save up to 50% by renting the College books.

Pet Grooming - We all like to pamper our pets and we're not saying to not have a pet. But one of the ways you can save money is instead of paying for a kennel or a pet nanny, you can trade pet sitting services with a neighbor or friend. And if you want your dog to look nice, instead of taking it to a Groomer, take it to a Grooming school, you will save up to 50%.

How to Keep Your Job in a Bad Economy