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How to Save $500 a Month

In today's tight economy we can all use some extra cash and this post will tell you how to save $500 monthly. But instead of rushing out to get that third or second job, there are easier ways to get the extra money by cutting back on your spending and expenses. You can trim the fat from your budget without trimming the fun, so you don't feel deprived. Easily negotiate a reduction in your monthly bill payments. Learn to haggle and monopolize on the competition between companies who want your business.

Credit Card Rates
- You can start with Credit Card Rates, if your rates are high you can contact the credit card companies and negotiate with them. Call the customer service Department and let them know you are thinking about transferring your balance to another company, of course they will want to keep your business and you will now be able to negotiate for a lower rate. This method will work better if you have a good credit score, 750 or higher and if you've never really been late on your payments.

Cell Phone Bill - Everyone has an expensive cell phone bill. Call the cell phone carrier and tell them you are thinking about switching to another carrier, doing this is usually able to get you 10-20% off what your monthly bill is.

Cable Bill - There is much competition between the Cable, Satellite, and Phone companies for your subscription for premium TV channels and service. You can take advantage of this, as the companies know you have options and can leave them at anytime. Contact your Cable provider and ask them for their latest customer promotion, if they won't give that you tell them your probably going to go with your telephone provider for the Cable service. This can help reduce your cable bill.

Grocery Shopping - Groceries are not cheap and the bill can be very high. This is more of a psychological thing, two thirds of our spending in the Grocery Store are impulse buys. So don't go shopping much at the Grocery Store, go once a week, bring a list and you're least likely to spend a lot. Studies show that having a list helps you from buying things you don't need which will help your budget.

Seasonal Shopping - Buying things at the right time can help you save money. There is an off season for everything that you buy, like buying your swim suit at the end of the summer, you will obviously get it cheaper than buying it before or during the summer. If you buy your winter coat in March it will be cheaper. Buying your Tires in the middle of the driving season in July will be cheaper. Kitchen Ware can be bought in the Spring or November, those are the times that stores are trying to clear out inventory ahead of the wedding shopping season and the holiday shopping season, so they are going to be more likely to offer discounts.
Buy your linens in January, you can save up to 40%. After the holidays the stores are trying to get you back in to shop, so they will offer big discounts.

College - College can be expensive, with tuition and books. If your kids are already off to the campus, you can rent college books instead of buying them new. There are a few websites that offer this service, like You can save up to 50% by renting the College books.

Pet Grooming - We all like to pamper our pets and we're not saying to not have a pet. But one of the ways you can save money is instead of paying for a kennel or a pet nanny, you can trade pet sitting services with a neighbor or friend. And if you want your dog to look nice, instead of taking it to a Groomer, take it to a Grooming school, you will save up to 50%.


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