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Is it a Scam?

Due to the nature of CashCrate, many people think its a scam.  One would think, "How is it possible to make so much free easy money online?"  Well, it's simple.  When you have over 1.5 million people working together to make money, there is no NEED for a scam.  CashCrate is one of those "you scratch my back, I'll scratch your's" type of things.  As everyone knows, companies are curious about everything.  Therefore, they conduct many surveys.  Now, companies may seem cheap, but they know that no one wants to do surveys for free, so that is where CashCrate comes in.  CashCrate connects you to the company.  The company pays CashCrate, and in turn, CashCrate pays you.  You then refer others to CashCrate and even get paid on the free surveys and offers that they participate in.  So as you can see, the companies need CashCrate, CashCrate needs you, and in turn you get paid for it.  Now that you know the logistics behind CashCrate, you still can't possibly think its a scam, can you?  Well if you do, there is a whole thread, I Got Paid!, dedicated to getting paid on CashCrate's forums.  Check it out if you still aren't a believer, and if you now are due to this opening up your eyes, start Earning Money Easy now and Sign Up!


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