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What...a Bonus?! - The Benefits of Referrals

As my CashCrate journey continues, I have now witnessed the rewards of the referral program.

My day started as usual: I came into work, started opening up my usual web pages, checking my email etc.  While checking my email I was delighted, as always, to see an email from CashCrate.  I proceeded to open it and start reading...a bonus?! I was now very delighted to learn that I had been credited a $3 bonus because one of my referrals had earned his first $10.  The email also assured me that this $3 bonus was in addition to the 20% commission from the referral program.  So this is great!  The referral earned me $2 from the initial 20% commission on $10, and then an additional $3 from the bonus of the referral program.  Wow, that turned out to be a 50% commission!

While I continue to use CashCrate, I am seeing more and more tricks of  Earning Money Easy!  The bonuses and commissions from the referral program are outstanding!  One of the things I've been most excited about was the money I made from CashCrate allowing me to purchase my own beer kit so I can brew my own beer!


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