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Offers not approving?

Ok, well this seems to be a little problem for some people so I figured I'd put up a blog post going over some tricks to get your CashCrate offers approved quicker so you can earn even more money!

1. Clear your cookies before each offer.
2. Try your best to keep your pending offers below $15.  This will allow you to keep track of your CashCrate offers.  Your goal is to complete surveys and offers and get them to approve, not sit pending!
3. Use a separate email for each offer. There are many free email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and several others that you can use to setup free email accounts in just a few seconds.
4. When beginning to complete an offer be sure to read the description so you know exactly what it is that you have to do in order for that offer to credit.
5. Allow EVERY page of the offer to fully load. If you do not do this then there is a chance the company will assume you are a bot and not pay CashCrate for you completing the offer.  And ultimately, that means YOU won't get paid!
6. Upon completion of all the requirements of the offer, return to CashCrate and click the submit button next to the offer.
7. Repeat these steps for the next offer!

If you are having problems with offers or surveys from a certain company, of even just one offer in particular, check out the forums.  There are many knowledgeable people there who can offer advice or suggest reasons why you may be having trouble and how to correct it.  Also, a good tip for picking which offers to complete is using the offer filter above the list of offers.  Set it to 100% free offers and sort by the highest rating.  The offers with the highest ratings are the ones that are known to approve the quickest!  If you follow these 7 simple steps, you are sure to earn more money.  And that wraps it up for this simple lesson on Earning Money Easy.

What...a Bonus?! - The Benefits of Referrals

As my CashCrate journey continues, I have now witnessed the rewards of the referral program.

My day started as usual: I came into work, started opening up my usual web pages, checking my email etc.  While checking my email I was delighted, as always, to see an email from CashCrate.  I proceeded to open it and start reading...a bonus?! I was now very delighted to learn that I had been credited a $3 bonus because one of my referrals had earned his first $10.  The email also assured me that this $3 bonus was in addition to the 20% commission from the referral program.  So this is great!  The referral earned me $2 from the initial 20% commission on $10, and then an additional $3 from the bonus of the referral program.  Wow, that turned out to be a 50% commission!

While I continue to use CashCrate, I am seeing more and more tricks of  Earning Money Easy!  The bonuses and commissions from the referral program are outstanding!  One of the things I've been most excited about was the money I made from CashCrate allowing me to purchase my own beer kit so I can brew my own beer!